Artist's bio

Jamie Peterson has been painting professionally for fifteen years, at first concentrating on portrait and figure work and now expanding those portraits into live event painting.  Her work investigates the nature of personal narratives and how capturing a fleeting moment can tell an entire story.  She weaves courage, wit, and innocence into her paintings, to remind the viewer of the joy and uniqueness that is present in those around them.  While her work is representational, each piece incorporates abstraction in the brushwork and playful tension on the surface. 

Jamie graduated from the US Air Force Academy and studied Studio Art at the University of West Florida. She has been represented by Matt Jones Gallery in Birmingham, AL and Atelier Gallery in Charleston, SC and has shown her work in various group and solo shows in other galleries.

She is Washington DC's premier event painter and is one of the only live painters who works in oil paint. She has captured events in some of the most beautiful and historic buildings in the city, including The Corcoran, The Mandarin Oriental Hotel, and The U.S. Supreme Court Building. She is a creative and talented professional artist who can put a unique personal touch on your event, wedding, or benefit. 

Jamie now works out of both South Carolina and Washington, DC and will travel worldwide to paint for you. Use our contact form to inquire about your event date.


Artist Statement

The human form is at the core of all that I do as an artist. As such, my conceptual strategies rely on the use of the figure and various painting techniques in order to communicate to people, about people. I strive to reveal hidden memories whereI can relate a story about the viewer’s own experience to the story the painting is illustrating, creating a connection tethered by nostalgia and shared experience.

I explore these themes visually, including both static and dynamic elements in my compositions. The textured, abstract backgrounds I create through a fusion of vivid oil colors with varied brush and palette knife work allow me to create an interface in which I connect the viewer to the figure and then straight on into a narrative. I strive to create a strong emotional impact around my subjects and utilize elements such as pose, expression, symbolism, texture, negative space, and even bare canvas to due so. Children are fundamental subjects depicted in my art. The most compelling reasons for this are their innocence, their inherent beauty, and their emotions. Children’s seeming lack of foresight for danger and the consequences of their actions represent the raw vulnerability present in us all and therefore relates powerfully to us, even as adults. But most importantly, children’s openness to life, in all its forms is an enduring symbol of hope for the future.


Jamie has painted at the following fine venues

The U.S. Supreme Court Building   |   St. Regis Hotel, Washington, DC   |   The W Hotel   |   Tudor Place Historic Garden, Georgetown

The Library of Congress   |   Brittland Estates, Chestertown, MD   |   Fairmont Hotel, Washington, DC   |   Fathom Creative   |   Artisphere, Arlington, VA   

The Ritz-Carlton, Washington, DC   |   Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Washington, DC   |    Four Seasons Hotel, Baltimore, MD   |   Veritas Vineyard, Charlottesville, VA

National Press Club   |   Hard Rock Cafe, Baltimore, MD   |   Chesapeake Room, Baltimore, MD   |   Pippin Hill Farm and Vineyards, Charlottesville, VA   |   Corcoran Gallery of Art

The Author's Castle   |   Hellenic Center, Fayetteville, NC   |    sixth and I, Historic Synagogue, Washington, DC   |    Waterfront Hotel, Annapolis, MD   |   Baltimore Convention Center

Keswick Vineyards & Keswick Hall, Charlottesville, VA  |   The Anderson House, Washington, DC   |   Carnegie Institute for Science, Washington, DC

Smithsonian American Art Museum


How The Live Event Painting Unfolds

A live painting of your event is a beautiful way to capture the day in a classic art form. Every event is unique:  the timing, flow of guests, the venue, decor, and lighting. Jamie will work closely with you to ensure every important element is recorded in paint for you to treasure for years to come. 

Call us! 202-768-2662. This is the best way to exchange initial information and ideas. If email is more convenient, please use the contact form to reach Jamie for a free estimate.

When you are ready to secure your event date, a deposit and signed contract is due.

We will work together to determine how to best capture your event. If requested, I will do a preliminary site visit and produce a sketch as a preview to your painting(s). Travel for a site visit may be extra. It’s best if I can meet you at this time or your event coordinator.

On the day of your event I will arrive 3 hours early, if possible, to begin painting the scene. As you and your guests arrive and celebrate, I will add you to the painting, capturing the mood, colors, energy, and many likenesses. I will often stay for the entire event and am happy to interact with your guests if my location is convenient to them. I often get quite a few curious people and they love to find themselves in the painting!

If you would like a specific moment captured, it may be best to have the help of your photographer to capture it and I will paint that moment in the studio.

I am completely self-contained and don’t require any tables, chairs, etc.

After the event you can expect to have your painting in hand one month after your event. Oil paint takes at least a week to dry to the touch. If additional portraits were requested, this date may slip back.

Jamie Painting at the U.S. Supreme Court Building. Photo courtesy of Maria Bryk

Jamie Painting at the U.S. Supreme Court Building. Photo courtesy of Maria Bryk