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I grew up in Minnesota, the land of ten thousand lakes. As a child, I developed a deep connection to nature and its bodies of water. In my late thirties, after divorcing my husband, I learned to surf. This intense sport offered me physical and psychological challenges beyond anything I'd ever experienced. The ocean was a respite of sorts for me too. It helped me overcome deep personal fears. It helped me begin a new chapter in my life. The ocean gave me strength and a certain kind of wisdom to be a strong, independent woman again. 

In an era of anthropogenic change, I am drawn more and more to the ocean. Even when I am away from it at home in here in Columbia, it pulls me like the pole of a magnet. It is my hope that in some small, modest way these paintings help bear witness to her glory. I hope too that the images compel the viewer to take better, conscious care of her. And if I'm lucky, they will show my love for the ocean.